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This list is not fixed by any means. I welcome any suggestions whatsoever. Be sure to read the FAQs as to why a feature will not be included. The project admin's contact details are available here.

# Submitted by project admin
? Specific details need to be finalised
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Features of Kerio 2.15 which Ghost Personal Firewall should not have:
- #  Microsoft Networking Tab removed
- # Any option to check for program updates
- # Remove option to animate traffic on systray. Traffic will always be animated.
- No FUD terms like 'ACK attack'. Just state the facts - 'Out of sequence ACK packet' or something even shorter
Must have additions to Ghost Personal Firewall over Kerio2x:
- # Independent firewall driver (not dependent on Netbios). This should remove a lot of niggly issues and conflicts
- The ability to export, and import only selected rules to/from another file. [Screenshot] (Needs to be fixed obviously)
- ? Checkbox to deny all fragmented packets, on by default.
- # ? Improved rule editor. [Screenshot] One click on the copy button creates a copy of the selected rule underneath the one selected. Undo reverses the last single rule modification. Restore last changes everything to the way it was on the last time the changes were applied. Double-arrows shifts the selected rule up or down by a user set amount. [Screenshot] Another option is to only have endpoint arrows which send the selected rule straight to the top/bottom of the ruleset without a user set option.[Screenshot]
- # ? Ability to create multiple custom groups. [Screenshot] Add and Edit function as in the original Kerio 2.15. Undo reverses the last modified address. [Screenshot]
- # User setting to control double click behaviour for the tray icon [Screenshot]
Somewhat useful additions, here because unsure if anyone will use them OR could mean not enough resources/feature payoff OR too tricky at this time
- ? A way to automate the process of getting rid of unnecessary/removed applications hashes. One idea could be an option to remove MD5s if the app had not been used for X days. On the Xth day not used the firewall could perform a simple check that the present hash was the same as that stored, than remove the stored hash.
- ? When confronted by multiple rule creation prompts/alert windows click a button to deny all open/close all open.
- # ? Some kind of ability to deny/allow traffic for a certain app for a set time period temporarily without being bugged by any messages.
- # ? A better right-click context menu for the systray icon [Screenshot]
Blue sky additions, to perhaps be added only if all must have additions are already done, ideas for the future
- IPv6 filtering
- ? Funky statefullness
Features of Kerio 4x which Ghost Personal Firewall should also have
- No suggestions as yet
Definitely not in Ghost Personal Firewall

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