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Q: Will Ghost Personal Firewall have an IDS?

A: No. Firstly, this would increase the complexity of the project dramatically. The problem with IDS integration into firewalls is that they nearly always take precedence without a user option to reverse this, making any firewall rules made ignored by the program. One way to give the user more control would be to a have the user decide for each IDS signature which has priority - firewall rules or the IDS signature. This is likely to cause a massive traffic slowdown. Second, Ghost Personal Firewall is aiming to be as resourceful and lean as possible. Considering the size of snort, an IDS inclusion would not make this possible.

Q: Will Ghost Personal Firewall have a greatly changed log viewer?

A: No, not at this stage. Something along the lines of Tinylogger will not be included within the main executables at the moment to keep the codebase and resource usage down. However, the inclusion of a separate log viewer application within the installation process is possible. This log viewer should be a separate open-source project for the time being.

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