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As you can see, no code exists for this project yet. Any developers who would like to support this project are very much welcome to do so.

Of most importance is an independent as possible firewall driver, which does not rely on Netbios drivers.

In terms of code, using parts of the code from other open-source projects may cut down our development time dramatically. At present, we hope to keep the same Kerio tabbed interface because it seems to present the most user friendly way to do things without extensive extra code.

If you are a willing developer and want to immediately start helping there are currently two tasks that you can work on:

1) Firstly, see if there is any code from other open-source firewall projects/sniffers/IDSs that can be used for this firewall driver. At present the additional requirements for this driver are the following:
a) Works on 95/98/XP(SP2)/2000/2003 systems
b) Able to detect traffic on all interfaces (eg. dial-up connections - some software does not work on dial-up interfaces)
c) Detects traffic on 'raw sockets'
d) Extendable to IPv6 traffic

2) Second, create a 'non functional' tabbed GUI similar to Kerio2x. I am lead to believe that this can be easily done with some IDE "wizards". There is only so much that can be done for the user interface at this stage first because the included features have not been finalised and second either has the layout of the user interface.

The following links may be useful:
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