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 Welcome to the Ghost Personal Firewall open-source project.

Ghost Personal Firewall (formerly KerioKlone) aims to be a Windows 95/98/XP/2000 rule based firewall written in C/C++ with similar design and simplicity to but an improvement of Kerio Personal Firewall 2.15, a phased out closed source product. Note: This is not an official Kerio Technologies project!

General aims:
- Have roughly the same or less resource usage as Kerio 2.15
- Let the result of seemingly minor additions result in large productivity increases for rule-based firewall users
- Have an improved  initiuitive user interface over Kerio 2.15
- Add features that most rule-based firewall users will find very useful, yet keep bloat to a minimum by not adding features which do not strictly define a rules based firewall
- Highly modularised, documented and secure code

A "software roadmap" will be posted on this website in the near future.

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